Wish Your Sleep Disorders Were Gone?
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"If only I could get a good night's sleep (sigh!)" ... Sleep Disorders! ... How long have you been suffering? As you toss and turn do you wonder if you'll ever get a good night's sleep? Worst still, do you wake feeling exhausted, irritable and non productive? Would you like to be rescued knowing more about a proven sleep apnea cure, herbal sleep aids and sleep disorder remedies? Discover how to turn your pipe dream into blissful sleeps?

Conquer your sleep disorders and consequential health challenges, with proven drug-free methods.

Sleep Disorders

Would you like to overcome your sleep disorders ...insomnia, sleep apnea, snoring or others? Which of the following have you experienced?
• I have trouble falling asleep
• I wake in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep
• I can't turn off my brain chatter. It stops me from getting back to sleep
• I wake too early and yearn for an hour or two more sleep
• I snore. Or, I have been told I snore ...but don't believe it!
• I sometimes wake coughing or choking
• I wake feeling more exhausted than when I went to bed
• I struggle to keep my eyes open in the mid-afternoon
• I have driven a vehicle while feeling drowsy
• I have fallen asleep (even a nano second) while in a conversation, driving or other inappropriate times
• I consider myself "one of the lucky ones" who falls asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow
... all these signs are sleep disorders. Your sleep disorder can be overcome ... Help is here!

sleep disorders3

Sleep -- your lifeline to good health and (quality) longevity

Most people don't realized sleep's vital connection to (physical, mental and emotional) health, including many medical professionals. Most people don't realize they suffer from at least one of the 80+ sleep disorders.

Lack of sleep connected to major health issues

The National Sleep Foundation research connects inadequate sleep to many major health issues like heart and stroke, diabetes, cancer, weight gain, premature aging (and more). I've witnessed how improved sleep eliminated a chronic digestion disorder (within days) that couldn't be managed with prescription drugs. Too many health professionals are quick to prescribe medications, not recognizing that sleep is often the best medicine.

sleep disorders2

Old sleep myths dispelled

"Wake up you lazy bones!"
For years, sleep has been stigmatized with laziness, especially in North America. Many employees consider it a badge of honor to work long hours and some employers criticize employees if they don't work overtime. This despite established research proving that after 16 hours of wakefulness, an individual's alertness becomes an impaired equivalent to alcohol intoxication levels.

Progressive employers are beginning to recognize the connection between their eroding profits and lost productivity, increased accidents, mistakes and health claim costs, caused by sleepy employees with sleep disorders.

Search no more! Your fountain of youth awaits...
Billions of dollars are spent each year on drugs for major diseases, weight loss and anti aging 'cures'. For centuries, humans have also spent billions of dollars searching for their fountain of youth. ...searching in all the wrong places –– oblivious to the obvious.

Your fountain of youth is as close as your very own bedroom ... merely a good night's sleep away. (A Univeristy of Chicago study found that by getting just one hour extra sleep, hardening of the arteries can be lowered by 33%.)

As a recovering insomniac, I feel your pain!
Years of not getting adequate sleep left me with failing health (physical, mental and emotional). For years, like so many others, it didn't occur to me that my insidiously diminished sleep quality could be the root cause of my health problems. Thinking back, I guess I was just too exhausted to think straight.

Finally, in 2003, after my first overnight, sleep specialist recommended sleep study, I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. I was determined to regain my health and conquer my sleep challenges without drugs or invasive equipment. It was a real turning point for me.

I discovered how to conquer sleep challenges...
I researched information for a sleep apnea cure, causes of insomnia, and drug-free sleep tips and aids from highly respected health professionals, universities, research foundations and leading sleep experts. I tested and tweaked these recommendations and sleep devices claiming results until I found the optimal solution to resolve my particular set of sleep challenges.

I uncovered the secrets to overcoming my extremely persistent sleep disorder.
By improving my sleep, my health also improved. Today, I'm 'living' proof of the many benefits of improved sleep ...doing it all drug free.

My 3rd sleep study was done in October 2009. During my follow up appointment, the sleep specialist spent many minutes comparing my latest polysomnogram with the two previous sleep study results that showed sleep apnea evidence. He then looked up, paused and then said "your experiment" (using my positioning devices)

"was a total success!" -- Whoo Hoo! ... He could find no evidence of sleep apnea in this sleep study – because I was using my own sleep apnea cure!

Three and a half years later (April 2013) my GP and I decided it would be a good idea to ensure these positioning devices I invented (to avoid having to be dependent on a CPAP machine for the rest of my life and reclaim my health and vitality) were continuing to effectively control both my obstructive sleep apnea episodes and snoring.

A double Whoo Hoo!

This latest polysonograph confirmed that my sleep apnea and snoring predisposition continues to be effectively controlled with the aid with these two amazingly simple positioning devices (that are used faithfully each and every night as I know how deadly and energy draining these two untreated breathing disorders can be!!!).

Proof that positional therapy (using the side sleeping/lateral position) can be effective in controlling mild or moderate obstructive sleep apnea and snoring ... Music for the ears of long-suffering bedmates.

Sleep Disorders Conquered!
It's now ten years into my successful best ever sleep pursuit. As well as faithfully using my effective positional sleeping devices, I also regularly practice a good sleep hygiene routine. Herbal sleep aids are sometimes included, especially during stressful times. 

As a result of overcoming my sleep disorders (sleep apnea, chronic insomnia and snoring) my health and energy have improved significantly. I'm back to living life to its fullest and enjoying the vitality I thought was only a dream.

Here's where you come in. ... I’m passionately dedicated to share my sleep secrets and the research I’ve amassed, with sleep-deprived people everywhere. I feel if I can successfully regain my health and vitality and live drug free ... no sleeping pills, no medicines for heart, hypertension, diabetes, weight control, etc. ... then you can too!

If I can do it, so can you!
Like anything worthwhile, it will take work on your part to find your blissful sleep solution, as everyone's needs are unique. You do have a huge advantage -- I've saved you years of researching the causes of insomnia, finding an optional (vs. CPAP) sleep apnea cure and an effective snoring solution! Your hardest part, but most important, is getting started.

You’ll soon discover how to conquer your unique sleep disorder (sleep apnea, insomnia, snoring, etc.) challenges. The results are h-e-a-v-e-n-l-y and you'll gain life-enhancing benefits you've only dreamed. Why don't you start your best ever sleep journey by joining me right here, right now, as I continue to share my experiences, resources, tips and product reviews.

Let's get started –– check out some of the many valuable sleep disorders resources in this web site. Scan the navigation bar on left as a starting point. If you're not sure why you can't sleep, you may wish to check into "Insomnia - Facts". As well, clicking on "Sleep Apnea - Symptoms" may help you to understand what's keeping you awake at night or how to overcome your exhausted state ... a critical first step in discovering your sleeping bliss and conquering your sleep disorder(s).

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