March 2011 Issue

Welcome to the Snooze News Spring 2011 Issue.

Issue Contents:
Oh No! Day Light Saving Time is Here Again
Sleep Makes the Difference!
Are Sleep Apnea and Depression Connected?
Celebrate National Sleep Awareness Week--FREE Sleep Mask Offer

Oh No! Day Light Saving Time is Here Again

Research shows that the transition to Day Light Saving Time increases accidents, heart attacks and problems in the workplace.

We are already a severely sleep deprived nation according to leading research, including the National Sleep Foundation. So it's no wonder that this extra hour of lost sleep increases risks to our health and safety.

Is this an early morning sound you dread?

Can the risks be avoided?
Find out how you can avoid Day Light Saving Time's transitioning risks here.

Sleep Makes the Difference!
... it's your choice to improve your sleep quality, or not

  • Do you want to enjoy living life to the fullest, for a long time?
  • Will you enjoy good health and be able to do what you're putting off for your retirement -- the activities you wish you had time for while building your career and raising your family? Travel, gardening, painting, golf, skiing, sailing, hiking, dancing, etc.?
  • Do you want to be actively present as your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren advance through their life stages:
    • graduations
    • marriages
    • raising families
  • Or, are you risking* major, life-threatening illnesses, such as:
    • heart disease
    • stroke
    • cancer
    • diabetes
    • obesity
    • depression, and others
    *Leading scientific research regularly links the increased risk of these major diseases with sleep deprivation.

    By practicing healthy sleep habits today, your chances are significantly better for living life to its fullest, tomorrow.

Here's how to get started.

Are Sleep Apnea and Depression Connected?

Separately, sleep apnea and depression can be relentless, insidious and vitality robbing. When you suffer from either one, you wonder if it can get any worse.

It can!

Combined, sleep apnea and depression can be even more debilitating.

And, as if this is not enough, if you are unaware you have sleep apnea or depression, many of your best years can be lost. Read full article here.

Celebrate National Sleep Awareness Week, March 7 to 13, 2011

To help spread sleep's significant health benefits, we are offering a FREE BestEverSleep Mask (for optimizing your melatonin production for deep restorative sleep), retail value: $14.99 with every BestEverSleep Cushion purchased at our direct price: $49.99 ($30 off the retail value: $79.99) That's almost a 50% discount! -- a $94.98 value for only $49.99!

Order must be placed before March 19, 2011. Taxes, shipping and handling costs are extra, if applicable.

The BestEverSleep Cushion makes a thoughtful gift for:

  • Easter
  • Mother's Day
  • Travelers
  • Father's Day
  • Snoozers

(Ensure you get the "Day Light Saving Time" special pricing by sending a "reply" to this email by March 19, 2011 with your email and telephone number. You will be contacted to arrange colour choice, delivery and payment.)

"I have found the BestEverSleep Cushion very helpful in my sleeping process. It helps me drift off to sleep easier than in the most recent past. It has become a good friend, and I thank you for inventing same." Pat C.

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After a long day of painting, heating the BES Cushion, immediately soothes my sore neck and shoulder muscles. I definitely recommend the BestEverSleep Cushion to anyone who suffers from tight and sore neck, back and shoulder muscles or recurring headaches." Marlene P.

"Not only did it [BestEverSleep Cushion] help relieve the stress in my neck and jaw the first time I tried it, the BES has been a miracle worker for me at night when I sleep. … On top of that, I am a sufferer of Sleep Apnea and must wear a CPAP mask. I have found that the BES is perfectly suited to this situation." Ruth S.

As Day Light Saving Time is approaching, we know we will soon be enjoying the benefits of Spring.

Wishing you a healthy Spring with lots of Blissful Sleeps,