Best Sleep Aid Solution
The gift that keeps on giving ...

Finding the best sleep aid for those who have trouble sleeping can be a nightmare at any time.

And, finding a special gift, that keeps on giving is never easy. Now giving a gift as a lasting reminder of your thoughtfulness is possible.

...especially for those hard-to-buy-for people who have "everything":

• sleep problems
• snoring issues
• painful neck, shoulders, back
• stress
• waning vitality
• sleeping pill dependency
• health problems

"Since using the BES Cushion, I no longer wake with a crick in my neck. ... more comfortable than the buckwheat pillow I've been using."
S.C., Toronto

Giving a best sleep aid sleep gift
is more than heavenly
and thoughtful!

Giving a safe  sleep aid (see foot note 1. below)  designed to improve sleep quality and comfort is heavenly.  It also sends wishes for improved comfort, health and vitality.

Loved ones are reminded of your warm thoughtfulness.

Day and night. And every time they get a good night's sleep, using their BestEverSleep™ Cushion.

"I began using the BestEverSleep Cushion and found it to be a great neck support for bedtime reading. I had been suffering from neck problems for some time so one night I left on the BestEverSleep Cushion for sleeping. The very next morning, in addition to getting a better night's sleep, my chronic neck problems disappeared. I'm happy to report that there has been no recurrence of neck pain and I continue to sleep better. Thanks BestEverSleep!"
L.H., Toronto

 "Sleep Now! ... Pay Later"

... your best sleep aid solution!
Blissful Benefits You Can Expect from the
Cushion Tonight and Every Night!

Best Sleep Aid2

Periwinkle Blue Fleece &
Blue/Green/Brown Cotton

Best Sleep Aid4

Burgundy Fleece /Burg.-Green/Grey Plaid Cotton

Best Sleep Aid6

Burgundy Fleece /Multi-colour Abstract Floral Cotton

Best Sleep Aid7

Pink Fleece/Pink Equipment Cotton

Note: Pictures above show cushion cover colors currently available

Best Sleep Aid3

Periwinkle Blue Fleece &
Blue/Purple/Black Cotton

Best Sleep Aid5

Burgundy Fleece /Burgundy-Grey Cotton Flannel

Best Sleep Aid7

White Faux Fur/Brown Cotton

Best Sleep Aid8

Pink Fleece/Pink Polkadot Black Golfers Cotton

Use color choice code (lower right corner of each photo) in order form below.

  • Promotes deeper, longer, more blissful sleeps 
  • Supports neck and head when sleeping to avoid cricks, shoulder pain and headaches
  • Soothes tired/achy muscles
  • Remains around your neck while sleeping, sitting or moving about
  • Enhances relaxation when reading or listening to music
  • Special design prevents head flops when snoozing in your favorite chair
  • Ideal for traveling – enhances the journey by car, plane, bus or train
  • Carry handle – convenient for traveling long and far, or sleep overs
  • Unique shape and weight – adjusts and molds to individual's neck/shoulder contours; ...feels like a warm, loving hug
  • Calming lavender flowers in sachet – grown in Canada; sachet is positioned in external pocket for replenishing ease, optional or no scent
  • External pocket – use your iPod for deeper relaxation while reading, meditating, sleeping
  • Washable, removable, easy care hygienic cover – launders in regular wash
  • Dual fleece & cotton outer cover – warming and cooling option. Also cool cotton on both sides available
  • Inner cushion made of high quality, dense thread count cotton for secure buck- wheat hull containment
  • Microwaveable – for moist, deep heat muscle penetration
  • Chill or freeze – tames hot flashes or for hot weather relief. Optional gel freezer pads available
  • Hypo-allergenic buckwheat hull filling grown in Canada
  • Canadian designed and manufactured
  • Quality and pampering gift for loved ones and self
  • Used in Toronto hospital to improve patient comfort during chemo treatments

Your BestEverSleep™ Cushion(s) will be shipped fully assembled just like the one Santa's helper is using in the photo above:
• buckwheat filled inner cushion inserted into cushion cover for instant use
•lavender sachet in outer pocket
•easy care instructions

Your blissful and best sleep aid solution
is now available at the

Price Ever!

BestEverSleep™ Cushion

US$59.99 (plus taxes if applicable)
Includes: FREE shipping to continental U.S. and Canada
(Regular retail value including shipping/handling: approx. US$95.00)

Order Form:
1. Click on drop-down menu to select quantity/price.
2. See pictures above and enter your "Color Choice Code(s)" selection.
3. Click on "Add to Cart". (Takes you to the PayPal page)

Enter colour choice(s)

The Best Sleep Aid Solution is a Drug-Free Solution
Using an all natural sleep aid is a healthier, safer and more effective solution than sleep drugs. (see footnote 1.) Note: There are "habit forming" side effects that have been reported by BestEverSleep™ Cushion customers:
• deeper and longer sleeps
• snoring cessation
• sleep apnea control
• pain ease
• improved relaxation
• renewed vitality and health

Is there a better reason to give a best sleep aid gift a gift of health – to loved ones (and yourself) this holiday season?

Wishing you a joyous and peaceful season. May you and your loved ones enjoy blissful  "BestEverSleeps" each and every night,

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1. Increased mortality and cancer risks associated with sleeping pills use study results summary:
Risk of dying: 3 times using less than 18 doses/year (that's only 1-½ per month!) increases 4 times with modest increased dosage
Cancer risk: 35% increase

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sleep and cancer

Cushions for Oncology
BestEverSleep Cushions were recently donated to Toronto East General Hospital (Canada) to help improve patient comfort during chemotherapy treatments. 

Now Available Online!
The BestEverSleep Cushion, designed by a recovering insomniac to help others alleviate pain and improve their quality of sleep, health and vitality is now available online – at lowest prices ever!

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