Diaphragm Breathing Improves Sleep
and Promotes Weight Loss
... at the same time!

Diaphragm breathing (also called diaphragmatic breathing and belly breathing) has been a wellness practice for centuries. Ongoing research shows many health benefits from more efficient breathing include improved sleep, weight loss, and reduced symptoms of many other chronic illnesses:

  • stress
  • high blood pressure
  • headaches, migraines
  • digestive discomfort
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • asthma ... and more

Diaphragm Breathing Provides Many Health Benefits

When your cells are oxygen starved, you may notice headaches, memory loss, trouble focusing, chronic pain and fatigue. In time these symptoms can lead to heart problems, cancer and dementia. Improved oxygen is recognized for reversing these symptoms.

Animation of diaphragmatic breathing with the diaphragm shown in green

I knew that diaphragm breathing had health benefits, including breathing deeper in activities like brisk walking, but I lacked the motivation to regularly practice the belly breathing technique I had learned in yoga classes. 

There are also other effective breathing methods such as circular breathing (used in playing wind instruments, i.e., the didgeridoo –– an effective sleep apnea remedy according to research), singing, the Butyko method, and other breathing exercises. Unfortunately, these methods can often be expensive as well requiring a considerable time commitment before observing significant results.

In my quest to constantly improve the sleep and health quality for myself and others, I recently discovered a low-tech breathing device from BreathSlim Inc. Their research found, when used for just 10-20 minutes a day,  it:
    •    Improves sleep, restlessness and snoring
    •    Promotes weight loss
    •    Decreases unnecessary food cravings
    •    Improves blood and lymph circulation
    •    Improves fat oxidation
    •    Normalizes metabolism    

All of BreathSlim's research subjects reported experiencing sleeping better, improved energy throughout the day, reduced food cravings and weight loss. The sleep claim was what made me want try this diaphragm breathing training system as improved sleep quality improves overall health quality  ... and I've yet to meet anyone who can't benefit from improved health.

Although weight is not an issue for me, I know there are many who struggle to lose weight. If I get good sleep results, I will certainly recommend the BreathSlim device for weight-loss too.

Spoiler Alert! Click here if you if you can't wait to know how effective the  BreathSlim device was in improving my sleep quality.

Or click here if you can't wait to experience similar health benefits the research subjects and other have enjoyed  ... and save 10% off your order. Be sure to  enter "Sleep" into the Promo Code box at the top of the credit card page that follows the shipping information page.

Two chronic health challenges that plague about 50% of the population are sleep and weight:

Effective breathing is critical for quality sleep -- even a stuffy nose reduces my sleep quality. Sleep apnea, UARS (upper airway resistance syndrome) and snoring are all breathing disorders that greatly affect sleep and require immediate medical attention.
Weight problems, especially obesity, are linked to major illness such as diabetes, heart, stroke, cancer, etc. Weight gain and sleep deprivation are also linked to each other. Anyone trying to lose weight needs all the help and support they can get.

BreathSlim offers better sleep and weight loss .. and more.  Can this be true?

Go to Sleep and Weight Loss from Diaphragm Breathing to find out how effective the Breath Slim device was in helping to  improve my sleep quality.

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