by Caroline

Last winter I got into a car accident that resulted in PTSD, and subsequently, insomnia.

After six months of medications (OTC, prescribed, and herbal), meditation, noise therapy, and basically anything else I could try, I was pretty much ready to give up.

I love animals so I bought a fish and a little bowl randomly one day. I found that when I was unable to sleep, watching the fish really helped me calm down and doze off.

When I woke up (usually from a nightmare), the fish was right by my bedside to ground me in reality and make me feel a lot calmer. I decided to build on this since it was the ONLY thing helping me.

I bought a big tank with lights and an air pump. I added more fish to the aquarium, and decorated it to my liking. The light helps me fall asleep and the noise of the air pump is very subtle but constant and relaxing.

It's perfect. I haven't had a nightmare since, and every time I wake up it's very easy for me to get relaxed and drift off instead of feeling frightened, anxious, or frantic.

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