I awake with a jolt and the sweat of fear at 2:30a.m. night after night

by J.

As all may know our economy is stopped and job prospects for the unemployed are few if any (at least in the private sector).

I have a job, a full time job. I've had it for four months now after being unemployed for two years. The job I have pays well. It pays at the top of the scale, very handsomely, for my kind of work,--sales prospecting, business development. I work for an IT company that provides global outsourcing.

My resume glows with my skill set of opening doors and initiating sales relationships with senior decision makers at sizable firms.

My little secret: I don't know technology. I don't know Information Technology. Not so much that I absolutely need to (others tell me), but, nonetheless, I don't know it and I've found that sooner or later and usually sooner--the issues, problems, and opportunities usually translate into IT speak, a foreign language to me.

I'm not getting the job done, I'm not connecting with the decision makers. My prospecting has resulted in zilch. I know how to target, how to prospect, etc., so please spare me your technical advice.

I'm trying different things. I'm calling on finance not IT, trying to do an end run and make it all about cost. But nothing works.

My firm is counting on me. Really counting on me. The time is ticking away. It's been three months now, where are the leads? It's been four months, they're starting to second guess me. The sales staff is getting very restless, they're done making excuses. How long can we carry this guy?

The economy is horrible. There are no jobs, My age is really against me. What if I lose this job--an exceptionally realistic perspective. I know the axe is coming. How long can this continue them paying me well with no results. It won't continue. I know corporate America, the end is soon. I know it, know it's coming. What will I do? There are no prospects (no pun intended). People are out of work all over. My savings are depleted.

I awake at 2:30PM in a cold sweat of fear and cannot get back to sleep. It's happening night after night.

I know sleep is important. But my stress takes over. Is there any hope for a good night's sleep?

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