Information on Sleep Apnea
Vital to Improved Health and Longevity
Part 1

This information on sleep apnea series is provided to help you understand what it is, its health consequences and what you can do about it, if you have it. Once you've reviewed this sleep apnea information, you'll have answers to "what is sleep apnea?" including links to information on sleep apnea causes and sleep apnea cures.

This will help you be better informed to discuss the best therapies with your sleep specialist to effectively and quickly overcome this life-threatening and energy-robbing disorder.

As obstructive sleep apnea (osa) is becoming more widely known, people are searching for answers, such as the side effects of sleep apnea. To make it easier for you, this sleep apnea information is broken into four parts ... there is so much to know about sleep apnea.

New information is added regularly. So return often. And, sharing your first-hand experiences, both successes and challenges, are most welcome. (C2 form to be added shortly).

Information on Sleep Apnea

What is sleep apnea?
Apnea or apnoea (Br) is defined in the World English Dictionary as “a temporary inability to breathe”. It's characterized by pauses in breathing during sleep, lasting from a few seconds to minutes and can occur five to 30 or more times per hour, throughout the night.

As you are sleeping while this happens, you do not necessarily know you have this serious sleep disorder. It's usually your sleep partner that notices it. Unfortunately, the person showing these signs, too often downplays the seriousness of this observation.

Do you have it?
• Has your sleep partner noticed pauses or changes in your breathing pattern?
• Have you been told you snore or been banished from your bed because of it?
• Do you wakened abruptly short of breath or choking?
• Do you wake in the morning feeling exhausted?
• Do you experience extreme bouts of sleepiness during the day?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above read on ...

Information on Sleep Apnea

Health hazards of undiagnosed and non compliance
Let's get to the seriousness of this condition right away. This information on sleep apnea is provided to help you understand the grave health consequences of not taking immediate action.

Unfortunately sufferers of this life-limiting sleep disorder are greatly under diagnosed and/or are ill informed of the dire and irreversible health issues.

If you answered yes to any of the above "do you have it" questions, you need to get checked immediately by your doctor and arrange for a formal overnight sleep apnea study (polysonogram).

Compliance is your life line!
If diagnosis is confirmed, compliance with the recommended sleep apnea treatment is critical. Sadly, treatment compliance, especially the CPAP machine is very low. Too often patients dismiss the seriousness or are in total denial of this problem, even after a credible scientific evaluation.

And to prove that treatment compliance works, I want to remind you that I too suffered from sleep apnea...notice I said suffered! Hopefully, my personal experience will provide some hand-holding encouragement so you will know you are not alone on your journey to improved health.

Go to Information on Sleep Apnea, Part 2 for the next step in improving your health. There you will be able to review a few more sleep apnea symptoms in the comfort and confidential environment of your own space.

Gathering this sleep apnea information will help you take the next steps ... getting a sleep study and learning about proven sleep apnea solutions designed to improve your quality of life, health and vitality.

Quick reference index for Information on Sleep Apnea series:
Part 2 –More symptoms and signs of sleep apnea
Part 3 – Effective sleep apnea solutions for getting your life back
• Part 4 – Once diagnosed, compliance is your health ticket to a more vital you
Sleep apnea questionnaire ... contains a more extensive list of sleep apnea symptoms and signs

For more symptoms of sleep apnea go to Information on Sleep Apnea, Part 2 ... for the health of it!

Check out the quick and easy checklist in Symptoms of Sleep Apnea Questionnaire

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