Is Snoring Dangerous?
....You're risking more than losing a bed partner
or your fed-up travel buddies

You Ask: "Is Snoring Dangerous?"

... "Is snoring dangerous?" Why would it be?

After all, snoring provides great entertainment value for some, as snoring or a snorer is often the butt of many jokes. Well, dangerous or not, there are often other unfortunate consequences to snoring, such as relationships.

Has your bed partner moved out (either from your bedroom or to another residence)? Or, have you been banished from your once harmonious bedroom and now claim the lumpy sofa as your bedtime partner? If so, you need to keep on reading.

Have former travel companions stopped being available to travel with you? Their excuses may sound reasonable, ex. bad timing, other commitments, family activities, etc.; however, could it be because they find your snoring unbearable?

There's just one more thing to determine before answering whether snoring is dangerous or not –  Are you in snoring denial?

Snoring Denial Test
Give yourself 1 point if you've ever said or thought:
• I don't snore ... at least I've never heard myself snore
• If I do snore, it's only a little bit, once in a while
• It doesn't bother me, so why should I care
What's the big deal? So what if I snore a bit. Get over it.
• Aaaah, they're just light sleepers
• They're just being difficult, like to nag, get me going, etc.
• It's not THAT bad

If you scored even one point, be sure to read about these effects of snoring:

Is Snoring Dangerous?
Snoring is no longer a joke and needs to be taken seriously according to new research suggesting some very serious health consequences.

Here's what the effects of snoring could be signalling:
1. Obstructive Sleep Apnea
2. UARS (Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome)
3. Increased Stroke Risk Due to Carotid Artery Atherosclerosis

1. Snoring could be the sign of obstructive sleep apnea, a deadly sleep disorder if not diagnosed and treated.

Once diagnosed, the prescribed treatment must be followed faithfully. Research continues to link untreated sleep apnea to many of the major diseases such as heart, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, etc.

If you've observed that your sleep partner appears to stop breathing, gasps for air, you've wakened yourself coughing or choking, or if you don't feel fully refreshed after a night's sleep, there's probably some sleep apnea snoring too. Get a sleep study done immediately.

A sleep study will help answer "Is snoring dangerous for you?" If your sleep study does not show obstructive sleep apnea signs or sleep apnea snoring, you're still not free of snoring's potential harm ...

2. Your snoring could be the sign of UARS (upper airway resistance syndrome) ... a serious condition that medical professionals are slow to recognize.

Without the proper tests, a correct diagnosis could be missed, even by sleep laboratories. Research indicates the connection between UARS and other major diseases.

If your qualified medical team has ruled out obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), central sleep apnea and UARS, it's understandable that you're sighing with relief and feeling you're going to "just live with it". But will you?

Check out this simple stop snoring device, if you snore only when you are on your back. It's really easy to use, unobtrusive (doesn't affect your bedroom sexiness), comfortable next to bare skin and is effective.

There's one more thing you need to know before dismissing the important question -- "Is snoring dangerous?".

Is Snoring Dangerous?
3. Snoring (on its own) has been found to increase the risk of carotid atherosclerosis ... in other words ... a stroke!

Research has found that the snoring vibration damages cells in the carotid artery walls, triggering the early formation of atherosclerosis (plaque buildup). The more often you snore, the greater the risk of a stroke.

In the US, according to the National Institutes of Health, more than 50% of strokes are cause by carotid artery plaque buildup.

Are you still saying? "It's only snoring ... get over it!"

The Dangers of Snoring Summarized
If you don't die from a stroke, your chances of fully assuming the previous life style you once enjoyed is greatly jeopardized. Just ask any stroke survivor.

And, if you are fortunate to avoid a stroke what are your chances of avoiding the many other debilitating and life-limiting activities of the other snore-related diseases.

There are Effective Snoring Solutions: That's why it's important to man- (or woman-) up; get out of your denial stage and take immediate action for your snoring.

Now, What Do You Think? ..."Is Snoring Dangerous?"
You can thank your nagging, "light sleeping" sleep partner who has banished you from your joint bedroom and/or your x-travel companions who've decided they didn't have to put up with your annoying nightly disturbance, for this life-saving "wake-up" call.

Benefits Plus!
Once you've got your snoring controlled, you'll not only be living a healthier, fuller life, you'll be surprised how quickly you're invited to enjoy sleep harmony once again in your joint bedroom, from a grateful, loving (no longer nagging) sleep partner and/or how travel companions become more readily available.

Be sure take immediate action so you can 'live' life to it's fullest.

Be sure to review the UARS information to further answer "Is Snoring Dangerous?"

Sleep Apnea symptoms you should know about

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