Mind Chatter
... say Nighty-Night!

Does Mind Chatter Keep You Awake?

Last night, my blissful sleep was interrupted with mind chatter ... nagging thoughts that kept repeating over and over. Up until that time I had been sleeping soundly, after falling asleep easily, shortly after slipping into bed. I also had remembered to use my BreathSlim™ device, one of my insomnia remedies that has a direct effect on my sleep quality, (read about my 3-week test) such as increasing the regularity of sleeping the whole night through without any noticeable sleep arousals.

Mind Clutter

I was growing more frustrated at the senselessness of rehearsing over and over a conversation that I felt confident would resolve an issue I was having with a neighbour.

This involuntary chatter was preventing me from getting back into my heavenly blissful sleep state. I questioned: "why is it so hard to stop these silly broken-record mind conversations", "why does my brain keep obsessing with the same dialogue?" and "why can't I get back to sleep?"

From the tons of sleep research I do, I've uncovered numerous studies on the wonderful mindful meditation benefits that researchers are discovering.

To put this into practice, and because I was determined to get back to sleep, I decided this was an opportunity to test this research. Besides, if this didn't work, I could always go back to using my other successful natural remedies for insomnia. That is, using pen and paper to write down the disruptive recurring thoughts in my bedside journal or my favorite tried and true getting back to sleep method, that is listening to my Jon Kabat-Zinn mindful body scan CD, that's within an easy fingure-reach away on my bedside table.

Even so, I just had to test the new research ... you may want to too!

I started by focusing on a happy, mindful experience that had recently involved gales of laughter with my 3-year-old great nephew.After revisiting that moment in time, I started thinking "joyful time, joyful time". So common with the struggle to stay focused when meditating, my mind would drift back into the same mindless chatter; however, I persisted and just refocused on my happy, mindful thought: "joyful time, joyful time".

Don't let this nagging brain chatter discourage you. Studies now find that this struggle to focus on one thought is very beneficial to improving brain function … so instead of getting frustrated and feeling inadequate when the subconscious mind tries to take over, realize you are gaining wonderful benefits from your refocus persistence.

The broken-record thought I was trying to eliminate persisted about three or four times, but I was determined to win (and build beneficial brain synapses): "joyful time, joyful time". The next thing I knew, it was morning.

What a heavenly solution! Like anything worthwhile, you have to be persistent. Controlling these annoying and sleep disruption thoughts is possible … if I can do it, so can you.

Give it a Try! Here's How:

  1. When you wake with senseless, sleep disrupting mind chatter, be sure to acknowledge it
  2. Think of a happy moment, experience, or thought

  3. In your mind only, say a word or two mantra that describes a positive emotional experience, i.e., involving love, joy, happiness
  4. Be persistent … whenever mind chatter creeps back, just repeat your special mantra to yourself

And, when your chattering brain disrupts your sleep the next time, repeat this same mantra … until your mind gives up and goes back to sleep. (Don't forget … the more your mind wonders and the more frequently you bring it back into focusing on your mantra, the more your brain is benefiting.) The next thing you'll know, it will be morning.

And if this doesn't work for you, order the Jon Kabat-Zinn Guided Mindfulness CD through the Amazon link above.

"Nighty night mind chatter!"

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My grateful thanks to Joan McDonald, Toronto, Canada for the use of her delightful acrylic sheep painting.

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