Why is Mindful Meditation
Soooo Beneficial?

Mindful meditation, also known as mindfulness meditation, focuses on awareness of the ever present moment. The key is to relate to life as it is now. Most people live in a far-away future or painful past. When, in truth, all our experiences happen in the present moment.

By being more present and centered, the possibilities in life become greater than most people can only imagine.

Here's How Mindfulness Meditation Can Help You

Stress is inescapable in modern life. Side-effects from stress can literally cause death. Meditation benefits enable us to relate to stress in more objective ways.

Sleep deprivation is a common side-effect of stress. When anxiety and depression are reduced, you experience a peaceful night's sleep, with all the accompanying benefits. You will awaken with a new enthusiasm and zest for life. Your thinking process becomes clearer.

Mindful Meditation

Your blood pressure will lower itself naturally. You will be able to handle difficult people and situations without severe emotional responses. As fear, anger, depression and anxiety seemingly disappear themselves, it's possible to enjoy a deeper connection with the Divine.

Researcher recently studied participants who had achieved at least partial depression remission when using antidepressant medications, but were still experiencing sleep issues.

Compared to the control group, participants in the 8-week Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy course showed improved sleep efficiency and decreased wake time. This was confirmed by both objective polysomnographic tests and subjective self reporting.

More Mindfulness Benefits

Studies have shown that the practice of mindful meditation can: reduce chronic pain, aid in management of emotional distress and physical pain of conditions such as heart disease, cancer and chronic back pain, without drugs.

What begins with stress, leads to sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea and culminates in dis-ease. Modern medicines answers to stress-related symptoms have historically been in pill form. However, positive meditation benefits are now measurable and documented in tons of research papers.

Mindfulness Meditation

Research Proves Meditation Works at Any Age

Yoga is the oldest spiritual practice, which transcends human nature, and emphasizes eternal qualities of the soul, through meditation.

It is unfortunate that modern medicine failed to acknowledge the mind-body connection until recent years. Due to updated brain imaging equipment, the powerful capabilities of the human brain are being realized. Researchers now concur prolonged practice of meditation enhances the human brain's capacity to forge new neutral pathways.

Results have proven that age is not significant; even the senior population can experience myriad meditation benefits. Stress reduction helps people of any age lessen chronic pain, alleviate depression and sleep effectively - without side-effects of prescription medications.

Mindful meditation is now being taught in some of the more forward-thinking health care settings to self-empower people in managing negative emotions and pain of cancer and heart disease. The goal is to promote resiliency when coping with life-threatening diseases.

Mindfulness Promotes Wellness and Healthy Sleeping

Higher consciousness, or transcendental consciousness was taught in ancient mystery schools and kept secret from the masses until recent years. In this, the fourth state of consciousness a person is non-judgmental and views everyday events with objective awareness.

Meditation prevents sleep problems, promotes clarity of thinking and helps you become a resilient person.

In the past, resiliency has been viewed as an intrinsic trait. Studies have proven that resiliency is a learned trait. In essence, the universe becomes a neutral place.

You deal with each situation in the most creative way. You respond with the outcome you want, as opposed to perceived outcomes that result from prior conditioning.

Try Mindful Meditation Tonight!

Mindful meditation is a wonderful way to achieve a peaceful night's sleep. And you'll awaken refreshed, focused and serene.

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