Napping at Work
Win-Win Benefits for Employees & Employers

Napping at Work ... Benefits Employees!

How valuable would a sanctioned napping at work program be to you? Imagine you've been interviewed at two similar organizations that offer equitable compensation, benefits and working conditions.

Would just one difference in the company's policy spark your interest? For instance, what if the first company encourages napping and the other terminates the employee who is found asleep at work. How heavy does the ability to take a power nap, on the job, weigh in your final decision?

Napping at Work

Most of us have dragged our tired bodies to work for one reason or another. Maybe we were up with a sick child. Perhaps our snoring mate kept us awake. Or, as a conscientious employee we have been working long demanding hours.

Also, shift work can be fatiguing, especially for those who must work doubles, like nurses or police. Still others may suffer from chronic sleep deprivation.

As energy starts flagging, we are less vigilant, our memory takes a dive and our productivity slackens. Whatever root cause fatigue stems from, statistics show a power nap helps to return all body systems to "Go!"

Napping at work2

According to the 2008 National Sleep Foundation Poll:
• 29 percent of those polled fell asleep or became very sleepy at work in the past month;
• 36 percent have nodded off or fallen asleep while driving, with; 32 percent reporting that they drive drowsy at least 1 to 2 times per month and 26 percent drive drowsy during the workday;
• 20 percent have sex less often or have lost interest in sex because they are too sleepy;
• 14 percent have missed family events, work functions and leisure activities in the past month due to sleepiness;
• 12 percent were late to work in the past month because of sleepiness.

. . . do you relate to these stats???

Napping at Work ... Benefits Employers!

Researchers found that by implementing a napping routine:

  • productivity improves 34%
  • memory improves 36%
  • the quick shot of energy can last eight hours

And, most impressive ...

  • job attentiveness heightens 100%.

More Employers Could Benefit from Offering Napping at Work
Ninety-five percent of employers surveyed eschew the idea of employees resting on-the-job, according to the Society for Human Research Management.

A majority of US corporations have a myopic view on their bottom-line, rather than initiate far-sighted action to attract, retain and engage staff that ultimately are more creative, productive, make less mistakes and have less accidents. Incredibly, most employers have a company policy that employees caught sleeping at work are subject to immediate termination.

Napping at work3

When there's a downward spiral in the economy, companies tighten-up on their expenditures, or use a dip in the economy as their excuse for reduced spending. But, prosperous organizations recognize the value of employee retention and offering proven employee health benefits. Progressive organization realize that some expenditures are really sound investments, offering positive bottom line results. For example, Procter & Gamble, Google and Nike number among employers who now endorse napping at work.

As well as possibly being one of the best employee retention perks, napping contributes to productivity, since 51% of the workers surveyed agreed quantity of work diminishes after a sleepless night. Alert workers are healthier, according to studies that suggest scheduled rest during the workday decreases heart disease and lowers stress.

Napping at work4

Do you and your fellow workers experience times when it's difficult to remain alert, be fully engaged and productive due to an uncontrollable bout  of sleepiness that overcomes you, usually just after lunch?

Wouldn't you appreciate have napping at work sanctioned versus being threatened with dismissal if caught sleeping?

Unfortunately most employers are unaware of the many researched benefits they can profit from by helping their sleepy employees become better rested. You'll be doing your employer and yourself a favour by forwarding them this fact-filled article on both employee and employer benefits.

Are Energy Pods the wave of the future? Companies such as AOL and Google seem to think they enhance productivity, as they currently offer them as an attractive benefit to lure new prospects. Alternatively, after Zappos installed the expensive pods, they found that employees preferred their former couches.

There is no doubt, falling asleep at work, with the employer's blessing, contributes to employee health and welfare. However, are Energy Pods the best alternative?

Pods, advertised as "state-of-the-art", that play relaxing sounds and waken the employee with vibrations and lights, may beckon employers. Until..., yes, until it's time to write that check for thousands of dollars.

Napping at work5

Fortunately, there are more affordable sleep solutions to energize sleep deprived employees. Would you like us to contact your employer about our effective and affordable programs? (Skip to the bottom and use the form below)

Napping at Work
Until North American employers understand that acceptable (planned) napping at work vs. (unplanned) falling asleep on-the-job are different entities, it's up to job seekers to make informed decisions.

Hopefully this information has helped you to know that there are employers who value well rested employees and that you are better equipped to answer the earlier question - "How valuable is a company-sanctioned napping program to you?"

Is Napping Allowed At Your Workplace?

Tell us how you feel about napping at work or your experiences of falling asleep at work.

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