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Continued from Napping at Work, Part One.

When there's a downward spiral in the economy, most companies' employee benefits tighten-up. But, prosperous organizations brainstorm about employee retention and innovative hiring practices. For example, Procter & Gamble, Google and Nike number among employers who now endorse napping at work.

Workplace napping is a thoughtful perk, since 51% of the workers surveyed agreed quantity of work diminishes after a sleepless night. Alert workers are healthier, according to studies that suggest scheduled rest during the workday decreases heart disease and lowers stress.

Planned Naps vs. Falling Asleep On the Job

A Planned nap is an under utilized opportunity for decreasing risks and improving profits; whereas accidental falling asleep on the job is one nod away from a costly disaster.

In an ideal world, taking a short time-out for a nap (versus the many risks of unscheduled falling asleep at work by sleep deprived employees) would be embraced by all employers. Or, as an article in the Detroit News stated, "daytime snoozing is an important part of   'full-spectrum fitness'".

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Napping at Work Solutions Designed to be Gentle on Your Bottom Line

Pods, advertised as "state-of-the-art", that play relaxing sounds and waken the employee with vibrations and lights, may beckon employers. But, the bottom line is they're expensive and take up a lot of space.

There are more affordable solutions to help energize sleep deprived employees. Whether helping employees replace bad sleep habits with healthy ones, on-site or on-line, or, organizing workplace sanctioned napping rooms, we can help.

Workplace Napping Increases Profits and Employee Retention

If you are an employer interested in not losing your top candidates to competitors offering napping benefits, retaining valued employees, increasing overall workforce productivity, reducing health claims, and more, join in on offering one of the 'best kept secret' employee perks that innovative leaders have been offering (and benefiting from)  for years.

Gain a competitive advantage and capitalize on this profitable, under utilized bottom-line enhancement trend?

We offer affordable, customized workplace napping solutions to reduce risks of sleepy employees and improve corporate profits.

To discuss how affordable it can be, just fill in your contact information below.

Napping At Work

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