The Night Time Sleep Aid Secret is Out
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Looking for an effective night time sleep aid? Before you reach for a sleeping pill ... consider melatonin as your sleep aid. Melatonin is available naturally, made by your body ... in the right environment.

The amazing and effective sleep aid I'm about to tell you about enhances natural melatonin production, is perhaps the most affordable and longest-lasting of all sleep aids, convenient and easy to use, and available without a prescription. But, I must warn you, it will become habit forming.

Spoiler Alert!

...The best kept secret we're busting is the sleep mask!

Best Night Time Sleep Aid for Sleeping Longer

Many people, especially seniors complain that they wake too early and long to "sleep in" to 6:30 or 7:00 a.m. As we age, our skin gets thinner. Just look at the backs of your hands. Are your veins and tendons becoming more visible? Just like the skin on your hands, your eyelids get thinner and more transparent with age.

Sleep Aid Secret

Whether you're a youngster or an oldster, if there is even the slightest light emitting through your windows from neighbors or street lights, or a crack of light from under your bedroom door, or worst still, electronic lights from clock/radios, alarms, TV, computers, etc., in your bedroom, you are preventing your full natural melatonin production.

Melatonin is critical as a natural sleep aid for promoting deep restorative sleep. The older we get, our own natural melatonin production diminishes. Even if you've eliminated all melatonin-robbing and disease-causing night lights, you'll still need to shade your eyes from early dawn light, if you want to extend your a.m. sleep.

Now that you know how the sleeping mask can help, sleeping longer and deeper with this affordable and effective sleep aid is just a couple of clicks away.

Sleep Aid Secret2

Best Night Time Sleep Aid for Sleeping Deeper

Your deepest sleep phase occurs in Stages 3 and 4. These two deep sleep stages occur more deeply and longer in your first few sleep cycles.

That's why going to bed by 10 p.m. and respecting nature's circadian rhythm and your own biological clock produces more beneficial health and vitality results.

Wearing a sleep mask enables you to maximize your own melatonin as an aid to help you get to sleep earlier ... particularly beneficial if your bed partner keeps their light on while you're trying to sleep.

Wearing a sleeping mask, you can often extend your sleep time by an *hour or so.

Is the idea of wearing a sleeping mask foreign to you?

Maybe you think wearing sleep masks is for starlets or glamorous women, images you saw in old movies.

Sleep Aid Secret3

Or perhaps you think eye masks are only for a pampering spa treatment.

For years, seasoned travelers have arrived at their destination feeling refreshed by using eye masks during the flight. So surely wearing one in the privacy of your bedroom is worth trying.

If you don't wear a sleep mask as your night time sleep aid, sadly you are missing some of the most heavenly not-to-be-missed sleeping experiences.

Sleep Masks May Become Habit Forming

 Once you start enjoying deeper and longer sleeps wearing a sleep mask becomes addictive. I can no longer sleep without my addictive mask ... the benefits are heavenly! ... Just call me a sleeping mask junky.

Check out these funky and fun, one-of-a-kind, designer masks.

... you too may get hooked on this night time sleep aid.
Becoming addicted to the euphoria of sleeping longer and deeper, feeling more energized, waking feeling fully refreshed and getting through the day without the mid-day energy crash is a truly blissful daily experience. And, as a bonus, you'll experience improvements to your health, literally overnight.

Begin this life-enhancing habit that  becomes your euphoric life-long addiction you can't 'live' without.

*University of Chicago researchers found that an extra hour of sleep reduces hardening of the arteries by 33%.

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