Sleep Apnea and Weight Loss
Not Just a Dream?

Sleep apnea and weight loss is possible, according to researchers. If you're experiencing weight gain sleep apnea could be the problem ... for several reasons. For instance, if you're experiencing disruptive sleep, production of vital hormones such as ghrelin and leptin can be affected.

sleep apnea and weight loss

"... Sleep Apnea and Weight Loss are Really Related ..."

Here's what a former overweight sleep apnea sufferer wrote:

“I have been dealing with sleep apnea for many years now and I can tell you that I have been to nearly all of the extremes. When I was first diagnosed with sleep apnea, I was at the highest weight I had ever been in my life. I was having trouble sleeping. I would wake up repeatedly gasping for breath. It was a very scary feeling for both me and my spouse.

"After visiting the doctor and completing the sleep studies, I began to understand that sleep apnea and weight loss are really related to one another. I was experiencing such severe sleep apnea symptoms because of my weight. I was gaining weight because of my interrupted sleep schedule.

“I would wake abruptly because I couldn't breathe and then get out of bed to calm myself once I regained my breath. I would head to the refrigerator or freezer and fix myself a snack, sort of my comfort food.

"I realized after some time and a lot of weight that was added to my already large body that I could control this. I read many studies that told about how getting a good night sleep would help me to lose the excess weight that I had been gaining.

“The body creates larger amounts of the hormones that are responsible for the feeling of being hungry when it is stressed or tired. I realized that by getting a good seven straight hours of sleep each night, introducing more physical activity in my life, and eating foods that are better for me that I was able to get the rest that I needed.

“This in combination with using my prescribed CPAP machine on a nightly basis put me on the track to improving my health.

"With the help of my CPAP, I started sleeping better. I also began replacing the unhealthy snacks with quick, more nutritious snacks and found it to be just as easy. Instead of a bowl of ice cream I now eat a low fat yogurt or a bowl of cereal with fresh fruit.

“It did take hard work and determination to get where I am today and I am not anywhere close to being a trim and fit person but I understand now that I have to manage my sleep apnea in order to keep my weight down. When my weight is down my sleep apnea symptoms are much less as well.

"As I continue to make the necessary life changes I realize that sleep apnea and weight loss are connected. When I think about my weight gain sleep apnea certainly has be the culprit. It's [weight control] working for me and it can work for anyone that wants to take their life back from being tired and hungry all of the time.”

A Stanford University School of Medicine study confirms that those who sleep less typically weigh more. So controlled sleep apnea and weight loss isn't merely a dream, especially if you are willing to make some life-style changes.

Strive for seven to eight hours uninterrupted sleep each night, use a CPAP especially if you suffer from severe sleep apnea, eat light nutritious bedtime snacks (only when needed), and get some regular exercise to overcome your weight gain sleep apnea challenge.

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