A Sleep Apnea Cure
and Natural Cures for Insomnia

... no longer a pipe dream!

Finding a sleep apnea cure and natural cures for insomnia has been my primary focus for a few years. Renewed vitality and optimal health is my generous reward.

When you read about my latest sleep apnea test results you too will have renewed optimism.

Sleep Apnea Cure

But first, let me introduce myself:

I'm Donene Lashbrook, CEO, Recovering Insomniac and Inventor at the BestEverSleep Company. Like 65% of North Americans experiencing sleep problems, I struggled with low energy for many years.

My career as a busy business owner for 30+ years in the stressful, deadline-sensitive advertising, design and marketing industry, caused me to ignore my sleep deprivation symptoms (like 95% of the population with sleep disorders) until more serious health challenges emerged.

As my lethargy, lack-luster mood, and health challenges became too debilitating to avoid, I finally took time to connect the dots. Could my failing health be a result of not getting a good night's sleep? My first sleep study confirmed I had sleep apnea. I was determined to reclaim my energy and health. Waking feeling refreshed, pain-free, and loving life was my goal.

Unlike many people with sleep apnea, I wanted to find a natural sleep apnea cure and not rely on the dreaded CPAP machine. I discovered that there are a lot of natural remedy claims for sleep apnea on the market, but questioned which ones worked?

I embarked on a 5-year journey in which I tested sleep aids and advice related to the cure for insomnia and sleep apnea, to find out what really worked. I focused my research on finding non-invasive remedies and sleep aids and tips recommended by leading sleep experts. I also invented sleep aids and tools when I couldn’t find a satisfactory solution to common sleep challenges.

By systematically applying sleep tips, I solved my own sleep issues (my latest sleep apnea sleep study proved that my sleep apnea is now gone). This success fueled a new passion in me; to help the millions of other people who are looking for a sleep apnea cure, or natural cures for insomnia and other sleep disorders. Experiencing vitality, wellness and freedom from pain is merely a good night’s sleep away.

Five years ago, with my renewed health and energy, I founded the BestEverSleep Company to share my knowledge and the findings of my research. For example:

• www.sleep-disorders-gone.com contains the latest information on sleep disorders and sleep aids.

• In the BestEverSleep Kit, I've assembled the best of the tested sleep aids and tips into one package.

• The unique design of the BestEverSleep Cushion I've invented, alleviates chronic neck, back and shoulder pain and provides comfort throughout the night. Also, it's wonderfully relaxing for reading and traveling.

• The interactive, hands-on and engaging Blissful Sleep workshop for community groups and workplace settings gives people the tools they need for overcoming sleep disorders, like insomnia, or a sleep apnea cure they've only dreamed about.

Feel free to ask me for more details.

My many years of researching and developing effective sleep aids have saved you valuable time in looking for answers to your sleep and health problems. Your generous reward of improved vitality, health, and longevity awaits!
... what are you waiting for?

Get started here!
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Cushions for Oncology
BestEverSleep Cushions were recently donated to Toronto East General Hospital (Canada) to help improve patient comfort during chemotherapy treatments. 

Now Available Online!
The BestEverSleep Cushion, designed by a recovering insomniac to help others alleviate pain and improve their quality of sleep, health and vitality is now available online – at lowest prices ever!

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