Sleep Apnea Statistics
to Help You
Understand the Problem

Sleep apnea statistics provide understanding of the severity of this sleeping disorder and consequently may help encourage you to get more immediate help, if you suspect you have this condition. Many people suffer from sleep apnea and don't even realize it. In America alone, sleep apnea affects more than 18 million people and there are countless more who are yet to be diagnosed.

Become more aware
Sleep apnea research has come a long way since its original diagnoses in the mid 1960's. Today's technology is enabling people to become more aware of the signs of sleep apnea and symptoms. Let's hope more and more people realize they have this problem earlier so they can get immediate help before their health deteriorates.

Though both males and females can have sleep apnea, sleep apnea statistics show it is more prominent in males at a rate of 24%, compared to a mere 9% of females. Sleep apnea has been found to affect some children as well; however, it is more common in adults.

Episodic breathing
Sleep apnea research shows that a mild to moderate case of sleep apnea has a person's breathing stopping an average of 1 to 10 times a night. During these episodes, a person can quit breathing for 10 possibly 30 seconds per episode. In addition, for someone who has a severe case of sleep apnea he or she will find they have up to 30 or more episodes a night with breathing stopping at an alarming rate of 30 plus seconds an episode.

Interrupted sleep
Having that much interrupted sleep is why sleep apnea puts a strain on your body, causing serious physical and health issues. Good, deep, restful sleep is imperative for your body to rejuvenate and function properly. Knowing the symptoms and signs, validated through sleep apnea research, will hopefully prompt you to get diagnosed early and see more immediate health improvements.

90% undiagnosed
Sleep apnea statistics prove on average, in adults 35 years and older, that 4% of males and 2% of females are diagnosed annually with sleep apnea. This may sound like a small percentage. However, if you think of it on a grander scale it is actually an alarming rate compared to the almost 90% of the population that goes undiagnosed due to the lack of knowledge.

Common signs
Breaking down this sleep apnea research even further, on average, 1 in 5 people are diagnosed with having a mild to moderate case, and 1 in 15 people with a moderate to severe case of sleep apnea, annually. Most commonly, sleep apnea stems from either being overweight, having severe sinus issues, a large neck, large tongue, certain palate and jaw shape, or in some cases, sleep apnea research has proven it to be hereditary.

Affects others
In any case, if you are still unsure if sleep apnea is an issue for you, try asking your partner or spouse if he or she notices anything unusual during your sleep. In most cases, your partner or spouse is the first to identify that there is a problem. In fact, you've probably been told about your snoring and/or breathing pauses and gasps.

If you are like most people, these comments have probably been ignored, denied or joked about. Your sleep apnea not only affects you, it also affects those who sleep around you, interrupting their sleep as well. The earlier you get help for your sleep apnea, the sooner you will be helping the whole family's health.

Many proven solutions
Do your sleep apnea research. Find out all you can about the cause and effects of sleep apnea and do not be afraid of studying the sleep apnea statistics as it applies to you. You may be comforted to know there are many proven solutions. And, you are not alone in your quest for good sleep and better health.

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