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"Living!" with Sleep Apnea
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Practicing sleep basics daily is often the most effective 'prescription' for sleeping better. When bad sleep habits are replaced with good ones, improved health and vitality are just two immediate results you can start enjoying. Here's how to get started:

1) Attend a Blissful Sleep Workshop that will help you to identify your particular sleep challenge(s) and get specific sleeping tips on how to sleep better.


2) Learn sleep basics on your own ... find them throughout this site. Often sleep disorders, such as Insomnia, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Narcolepsy, or one of the 88+ sleep disorders currently identified, can be mitigated with a knowledge of sleep basics. Therefore, this is a good place to start: Sleep Hygiene. Your natural cure for insomnia or Facts about insomnia)

(Note: Proven tips for sleeping better, whether you learn them on your own from or other resources, will work best when practiced regularly.)

It's not easy changing old habits. Blissful Sleep Workshops are designed to educate you on proven tips, techniques and devices, and motivate change for your best and most immediate results. (see testimonies >)

Sleepless in the Beach

You're in luck if you live or work in the Toronto (Canada) area ... and particularly convenient if you're in 'the Beach'.

Sign up and attend a Blissful Sleep Workshop. Seating is limited, therefore, preregistration is required.

"Living!" with Sleep Apnea

Sleep Basics

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) can be deadly
if not diagnosed and treated!

Start living again by attending this workshop to learn about the symptoms, health dangers and effective solutions for improving your health, vitality and longevity, for you and/or loved ones.

This workshop is for you if:
    •    You've been diagnosed with OSA but you're not following your doctor's recommended treatment
    •    You're struggling to comply with the recommend treatment, i.e., CPAP or other methods
    •    You'd like to know more about OSA or other effective treatment options
    •    You or your bed partner's snoring affects others trying to sleep
    •    You feel more exhausted upon waking than when you went to bed

Great sleeps are possible ... without drugs!

"Living!" with Sleep Apnea effective solutions for recapturing your energy and health
Date: TBD
"Living!" with Narcolepsy –staying alert and awake
Date: TBD
Location: Essentia, 2180 Queen St. E.
Cost: $10/person/workshop:
(Includes BestEverSleep Tracker™ tool ... designed to help you identify sleep tips and techniques specific to your needs, and track your blissful sleep progress nightly).
Pre-registration required: (seating limited)
Please fill out form below or call: 416-699-5811

Sleep Better Tonight!

"Living!" with Sleep Apnea Workshop Registration

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Thursday, April 25th @ 7 pm workshop
Please remit your payment through Paypal (see below).

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Registration: $10 per person/per workshop (includes BestEverSleep Tracker tool ... designed to help you identify sleep tips and techniques specific to your needs, and track your nightly sleep progress).

Person(s) attending

Can't wait for workshop? Check out these Sleep Apnea basics.

Check out these other sleep tips after you've registered on this Sleep Basics page.

Check home page for more information on how to sleep better and topics under "Insomnia".

Blissful Sleep Workshop Testimonies

"I had the pleasure of attending a recent seminar held by Donene at Essentia regarding healthy sleep habits.  I would encourage anyone with sleep issues or just a general interest in healthy sleep habits and health in general to attend one of her seminars. Along with her amazing audience interaction, she addresses individual concerns drawing from her great expertise and wealth of knowledge. All round fantastic experience from a fantastic woman. Thanks Donene, Im sleeping better than I ever thought I would!!"
Paul from East Toronto

 "I slept well that night (after sleep workshop) ... did not wake up at 1:30 a.m. as usual ...  ... Very informative ... Thank you!!!" S.B.

Person(s) attending

"... BestEverSleep Co. contributes a great deal in helping individuals get better sleep. Due to Donene's expert guidance i am back to healthy sleep pattern and the good schedule helped me become more productive. I wish her my heartfelt thanks and success ..."

"The sleep workshop by Donene was most helpful with many useful suggestions, I can begin to implement. Thank you." BH

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