Sleep Help: Just Realized I Have a Sleep Disorder!

by Deb R.
((Mississippi, USA))

After reading your pages I have discovered that I definitely have a sleep disorder and need sleep help! Coming home from my market (a 40 minute drive) is always scary because I get so of my aunt's sleep aid tips for excessive sleepiness is to eat a tootsie roll pop while driving. She says if you do this, you can't fall asleep behind the wheel...I keep a BAG of them on the driver's side of my car.

Hope it works...   :)

Sleep Help Reply:

Eureka! Recognizing you have a sleep disorder and need sleep help is a great discovery for you. You are a classic example of many who suffer from excessive sleepiness. Struggling for years they never realize they have a sleep disorder...I used to be one of them;-(

Driving while drowsy is a serious health and safety risk. I'm concerned for your safety (and others). Action, i.e., talking to your medical professional and getting a sleep study, needs to be taken immediately!

The June 2010 issue of Truckinginfo magazine quotes the chief of the (US) Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association: "fatigue is estimated to be an associated factor in 13 percent of all truck crashes and 28 percent of single vehicle crashes..."

Re: Your aunt's remedy for sleepiness while driving––that's a new sleep aid product for me and it has serious flaws.

Eating anything containing sugar gives an immediate energy boost; however, the plunging energy crash that follows, makes matters worse. Then you have to have another sugar boost, crash, boost, crash, etc.  ... plus you're creating more health complications particularly if you are susceptible to diabetes. (Sleep deprivation also contributes to diabetes and weight gain, according to the National Sleep Foundation.)

Caffeine in the form of coffee, tea (without sugar) or dark chocolate (70%+ cocoa ... not milk chocolate) also helps keep you awake. However, a downside of consuming caffeine is it takes about 10 hours to leave your system; therefore, it prevents you from getting a good nights sleep, if this is a p.m. drive. ...another vicious cycle;-(

Obtaining sleep help and getting to the route of this problem is your best solution ...and the sooner the better. Here's where to start:
• Strive for 7-8 hours (uninterrupted) sleep each night
• Go to bed and rise the same time, even on weekends
• Be in bed by 10 p.m. (I'll explain why this is so important, in
a future posting)
• If you snore ...before you answer, ask your husband for an honest answer;-)... get checked for sleep apnea. (critically important!)

Quality sleep can take work and perseverance. It will involve replacing years of bad habits that have become part of your normal living, with life-enhancing sleep habits. The benefits of overcoming your excessive sleepiness are amazing. (more about that too!)

There are lots more sleep aid tips, techniques and sleep aid products available, but try these first!

Please keep me posted through Sleep Help with your progress.

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