What is UARS?
(Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome)
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UARS therapy is showing remarkable results.
This drug-free solution promotes head, neck and facial bones and muscles (including the airway) symmetry for more effective night breathing ... thanks to Theodore R. Belfor, DDS and his upper airway resistance syndrome pioneering work.

Dr. Ted Belfor's years of dedication and passion has resulted in his amazing, leading-edge UARS understanding than most and the development of his effective therapy, including his patented dental device ... totally different from the mandibular advancement device that thrusts the lower jaw forward.

Just as modern brain science recognizes our brain plasticity's ability to grow new brain cells at any age, given the right conditions, Dr. Belfor's work shows how the head, neck and facial bones and muscles (including the airway) symmetry can be improved (balanced) for more effective breathing, given the right conditions (i.e., his appliance therapy treatment, myofunctional therapy and breathing exercises.).

Dr. Belfor explains: "(The Homeoblock™ appliance works with the body, so that physiological changes occur naturally; developing the bones of the face and resulting in the strengthening of facial muscles. These changes occur due in large part to each person’s genetic potential. Often, facial development does not reach its potential due to the food we eat, polluted air and poor dental care to name a few."

Technical talk:
Facial asymmetry can be due to a unilateral lack of development and linked to unexpressed genes for development. This before/after illustration demonstrates the body's ability to self-correct using dentofacial orthopedics and the Homeoblock™ appliance. The unilateral results in the bone that we see using Analyze 10.0 developed by the Mayo Clinic can only be attributed to gene expression. The enhanced facial symmetry is consistent with sutural homeostasis and improved craniosacral function. Improved craniofacial function includes improved autonomic nervous system flexibility, adaptability and balance. Improved autonomic nervous system may result in better tone for the pharyngeal airway and a more restorative night's sleep.

Before and after 24 months treatment. Enhanced symmetry implies improved function.

Left side development shows improved left external nasal valve.

(Theodore Belfor, DDS©)

Drugs vs. Letting Your Body Heal UARS
Are you currently taking drugs for any of the masquerading symptoms such headaches, myalgia, sleep onset insomnia, sleep maintenance insomnia, bruxism, anxiety, depression, chronic stress? Why risk the dangerous, life-threatening side effects from drugs that only mask your problem, not correct your sleep disordered breathing condition – when a proven, drug-free upper airway resistance treatment is available?

What results are possible from Dr. Theodore Belfor's natural treatment?

Here's the bottom line – The unilaterial bite block of the Homeoblock™ creates an environment for healing, room for the tongue and enable improved sleep and breathing, lower cortisol, and slower heart beat. Once your breathing/airway resistance has been given the opportunity to maximize its potential (in about two years with distinctive changes evident at about six months) you can expect improvements to your vitality, health, and longevity along with the unexpected bonus – a non-surgical face lift!

Seeing is believing! ... check out the amazing, leading-edge UARS work that Dr. Belfor is pioneering, complete with before and after photos showing the anti-aging, non-surgical face lift benefits.

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