Workplace Safety Tips:
Worthless Until ...

Workplace safety tips and employee safety programs are worthless until employers understand that sleep deprived employees pose increased on-the-job safety risks.

Workplace Safety

Often employers invest in expensive training programs without realizing many safety issues, absenteeism and/or increased health claims could have been prevented overnight by helping employees' with their sleep challenges.

Sleep and Workplace Safety
High-dollar training programs will not help sleep deprived employees, as sleep deprivation affects memory, mood and motivation.

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Workplace Safety Tips: Fatigue
Fatigue is among the leading causes of workplace accidents. Tired employees tend to daydream and get distracted easier than their well-rested counterparts. When employees do not get adequate sleep, they become less alert or aware of situations that potentially lead to accidents.

Lost Productivity Costs US Employers:
$63.2 billion annually or $2,280 (11.3 days) per worker*

From *Insomnia and the Performance of US Workers: Results from the America Insomnia Survey lead author Ronald C. Kessler, Ph.D., a psychiatric epidemiologist with the Department of Health Care Policy at Harvard Medical School states: "It's an under appreciated problem. Americans are not missing work because of insomnia. They are still going to their jobs but accomplishing less because they're tired. In an information-based economy, it's difficult to find a condition that has a greater effect on productivity."

As well, National Sleep Foundation studies have found companies in the United States lose billions of dollars that can be connected to sleep deprivation.

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Workplace Safety Tips: Work Violence
Sleep loss slows metabolism leading to weight gain. Chronic sleep deprivation creates memory loss and could eventually result in hallucinations. As abilities to interact on the job decline, tension heightens and workplace violence is a potential consequence.

Statistics suggest over one million people in the United States become victims of workplace harrassment, abuse or violence in the workplace annually. Employers bear a huge cost related to occupational violence in the form of excessive turnover, employee absenteeism and settlements to the victim.

Workplace Safety Tips: Falls
Workplace falls often result in fatalities. Employees suffering from sleepiness have a short attention span, causing the likelihood of falling to increase. Training in safety procedures may help avert falls in wide-awake workers, but fatigued employees will likely not retain the information.

Employee Health Benefit Rising Costs
In a down economy, it may be a mystery to employers why their cost of health benefits is constantly rising. A "work limitations study" suggests efficiency and functioning drastically decreased when employees admitted to insomnia. Researchers estimated lethargy cost employers in excess of $2500 per employee annually.

And according to a Canadian study, work-related stress is on the increase. The study confirms that increased stress causes workers to have greater need for professional care for mental, emotional and physical complaints.

Do we need science to remind us how seriously sleep deprivation increases stress in the workplace? And, is there anybody who hasn't experienced stress' effect on getting a good night's sleep?

Other studies concluded that health claims could significantly be reduced, if employers offered their employees solutions for improving their sleep quality?

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#1 Safety Tip: Employers Get Innovative
Fortunately, the dots connecting sleep deprivation, stress, and workplace safety are growing closer, and more employers are taking innovative action. These leading-edge employers are benefiting from the competitive advantage they've gained though offering programs to help improve their employees' quality of sleep.

Simple Solutions Often Best to Solve Complex Problems
Before wasting more of your valuable time and money in trying to teach your sleepy employees' workplace safety tips or improving their team-building skills, consider offering your employees a program to enhance their sleep quality first.

Contact us (fill out form below) for more information on our cost-effective sleep workshops for the workplace; available both on line or at your facility. You'll be surprised at how affordable and how quickly you can have employees who are less stressed, have fewer accidents, make less mistakes, have reduced absenteeism and health claims (short and long term) and who are more engaged and productive ... plus more! 

... In fact can you afford not to experience how something this simple can significantly improve your employee and corporate health?

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